Services Offered by DMS

  1. Handling Import and Forwarding of cargo from worldwide origins to Iraq utilizing Expeditors International network of offices.
  2. DMS services by Air or Sea Freight includes:

         a. Liaising with suppliers to booking and the monitoring of shipments
         b. Collection of Cargo from supplier Ex-works up to FOB Airport or Seaport
         c. Customs Export Documentation
         d. Legalization of documents
         e. Dispatching shipping documents to destination with notification to consignee of shipping details

    DMS large client base is reflected in DMS presence in the Iraqi marketplace. DMS has been awarded multiple contracts with various Governmental Institutions such as the Ministry of Petroleum, Ministry of Electricity, IRAQNA and other similar clients successfully. DMS have also imported and delivered Petroleum Pipes & Fittings to Kirkuk, Beiji, Basrah & Al Dora Refineries, Electrical Generators to the Ministry of Electricity at Al Musayab in addition to Mobile Towers for IRAQNA.

  3. Customs Clearance from Sea Ports, Airports & Land Borders of Iraq and Delivery to Consignee. Whether delivery is in the private sector, Governmental or US Army Zones, DM5 premises are all protected and safe. DMS utilizes Armed Escort Services to monitor the every movement of its local transported shipments to their final destinations.

  4. Handling of Export and Forwarding of Cargo by Air, Land & Sea from Iraq’s Ports to destinations woridwide, including door-to-door delivery when requested.

  5. Land Transportation Services

    DMS supplies a variety of transport vehicles from trucks, Pick-ups, Trailers, Cranes to Forklifts within DMS fleet or in cooperation with sub-contractors including 2 major trucking companies who operate a fleet of approximately 400 Trailers. These trailers carry all size, weight and nature of cargo, such as normal cargo, heavy, oversize pieces, reefer cargo, medicines and other items.

    DM5 owns the following equipment:

         • 3 forty-foot Trailers
         • 6Vans
         • 4 Pick-ups, 6 Tons Capacity
         • 2 Pick-ups, 3 Tons Capacity
         • 2 Forklifts

  6. Storage & Logistics Facilities are available at:

    a. Baghdad

         i. Located at Shuaib Area, 12km from Baghdad City Center
         ii. Total area — 12,000 square meters
         iii. 2 Floors Concrete Building with storage Rooms Divisions
         iv. 900 square by 4 meters Hangars
         v. And an open area of 3,000 square meters
         vi. The Warehouse is surrounded by a High Wall and is totally insured
         vii. The Warehouse is controlled and monitored by Store Keepers, in addition to Security Armed Guards

    b. Erbil City

    i. Located 5 minutes from Erbil City on the road to Kirkuk City
    ii. 10,000 square meters land
    iii. In addition to 3 Hangars at 860 square meters
    iv. Warehouses are equipped with Personnel & Lifting equipments, offering storage facilities for different periods of time and
    v. Logistics services to many of DMS clients within Iraq