Borders Points of Cargo Entries to Iraq

* Um Qaser Port, which is south of Iraq, is capable of receiving all kinds of shipments. APL, CMA and Arab Shipping Line are now operating to the Port, in addition to two others. All cities in Iraq, including Baghdad and the northern cities are benefiting from this Port service.

* Transportation of cargo loads between Kuwait City and Basra are exchanged at the border points of both countries. Kuwaiti Trucks and Iraqi Trucks are currently not permitted to enter each others’ countries, and therefore there is an additional charge for the transfer of cargo loads at the border.

* The Western Point of entry into Iraq is Trebil, on the Iraqi / Jordanian borders, receiving all kinds of cargo transiting from Aqaba Port in Jordan to Trucks bound for Iraq.

* The other Western Points of entry into Iraq receiving cargo on the Iraqi / Syrian borders is trarsited from the Beirut Port in Lebanon and the Ports of Latakia and Tartous in Syria - all bound for Iraq.

* The Northern Point of entry into Iraq receiving cargo is Zakho - on the Iraqi I Turkish borders and transiting from Mersin Port in Turkey bound by truck to Iraq. This Entry Point is important since it services all shipments destined to the Northern cities of Iraq such as Dahooq / Erbil / Sulaimariiya / Al Mosul / and Kirkuk.

* DMS operates two offices for Air Freight - Baghdad Airport and Erbil Airport. All materials and shipments destined to any part of Iraq go through Baghdad Airport, while Erbil Airport serves all destinations to the Northern cities of Iraq - that is in the Kurdistan region.